Thursday, January 18, 2007


Amy says I have to update this blog thing. Here you are! Man what a pain that girl is! ;) Life goes on as usual. I've had an extra child & an extra dog for a week. It was fine. We love Noelle! Her dog is okay, though he did pee all over my floor. At least I don't have any carpet, so it cleaned up easily. He's old, we'll blame it on that.

I've been getting up way too early, way too often. I've been a total zombie! Twice a week was fine, but this five times a week has got to stop! I'm worthless this way!

What else? I don't know. Here's something I've been meaning to post forever:
Okay, well it ended up there instead of down here, Whatever! Justice took away a pork chop bone from the dog. She was so good! Poor dog, she just sat there, with this sad look on her face and let him eat it. Then he put it down for a second, and she tried to get it back. They had a tussle. Funny. We did give the dog a new one of her own, after I took pictures.

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Anonymous said...

What's funny is that you gave the dog a new clean one, and let Justice eat the yucky dog-chewed one! LOL!