Monday, June 26, 2006

What scares me a lot

My children are growing up so fast.
I miss them already.
When they are around,
its so easy to
wish that they would go outside,
be quiet,
leave me alone.
But now that that beloved hour of quiet has come,
they are fast asleep in their beds,
I have a quiet house, to myself, at last...
I sit here and look at their pictures,
I miss them,
I really want to spend that quality time with them.
I wonder if I was nice enough today,
Did I teach them good things today?
Or did I set a bad example?
Do they know how much I love them,
Or do they think that I care more about the house being clean?
Its going by so fast.
Why can't somebody just shake me,
and make me pay attention to them while they are here?
All too soon,
the house will stay too clean,
too quiet,
The toothpaste lid won't be all guncky,
No muddy footprints on the bathroom sink.
and I'll be too lonely.
I miss them already.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I needed balance - a certain amount of cleaning, other activities to keep my self-identity along with those times with my son.
You will not regret any time you make for your children as long as you keep that balance for yourself - the best you can. I think each Mom has to work out that time formula for herself. It's an individual thing. Since I worked full time most of Nathan's growing up years I often let the dusting and vacuuming wait.
love ya,