Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bruce and I went out for our 12th anniversary on Saturday. We went to a restaurant (which is supposed to be one of those fine dining hoopla places). Anyway, the waitress that we had must have been having an off night or something. (That, or she is in need of being let go). Bruce and I were cracking up at how many things she screwed up! We really weren't upset at all; it was just so funny! First, she brought me an iced tea, instead of the water that I ordered. No big deal. Then she swore mildly as she was taking it away. Next, she took our orders and couldn't remember if what I had ordered came with sides or not, so she had to go to the back to ask. Again, not a big deal. When she brought us our meals, she didn't bring Bruce's potatoes at all. (He never got them). Then twice during our meal, she came by to drop off sides that we hadn't ordered at all. Wierd! Bruce and I were laughing our butts off! When she came with our ticket, we paid with a gift certificate. She then brought us a new card with the extra left over on it. She had shorted us by about 2 or 3 dollars. Since we were paying with a gift cert., and it was free to us anyway, we just laughed some more, and tipped her between 15% and 20% anyway. Let someone else be mad at her. We had had some good entertainment, if nothing else.
We then went to see the DaVinci Code, which we enjoyed.

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