Monday, October 15, 2012

From Hulk to Ninja

So yeah, my 4 year old, Clayton, is almost never "Clayton."  This is one of the fun things about that kid, he is always somebody else, and if I call him "Clayton," he will correct me.  "Mom, I'm Spiderman!"  or "Mom, I'm Indiana Jones!"  or "...Ben 10!" or "...Thor!"  or "Captain America!" or any number of other characters.

Hulk-Spiderman-Indiana Jones-Ben 10-Godzilla goes everywhere with me, and the items that he wears / takes with him just crack me up.  If you are Indiana Jones, for instance, you must have with you at ALL TIMES, a jacket, a hat, a gun, a "gun pocket" (aka a holster on a belt), a whip, and a "purse" (aka a satchel) with a map in it.  These items must be carted all over the grocery store, the park, or where ever you happen to be going.   I don't mind though, because I think it's dang funny and cute.  Old people, where ever we go, LOVE him!  Since he is the youngest of four boys, we have accumulated a LOT of hand-me-down Halloween costumes that fit right into this kid's mania for get ups.  My favorite going-to-the-store memory is when I took Spiderman Magician with me to Aldi.  Just picture the looks we got when he walked into the store, no where near Halloween time, wearing the full Spiderman Halloween costume with the addition of a huge, black, velvet, magician's top hat.  Spiderman in a Top Hat, it was a hoot!

If you've read my last post, you'll know that he has been the Hulk pretty frequently lately.  The problem with the Hulk is that if we ever want to go anywhere, I have to convince him to transform into Bruce Banner first -otherwise he will refuse to put a shirt on.

You can therefore imagine what I must have been thinking when he turned to me yesterday, in the middle of sacrament and whines, "Mom, Ninja Turtles don't wear CLOTHES!"  I about choked!  I was seriously busting up as I told him, "You can NOT go naked in church!"

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