Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day and Laundry

Our Stake Christmas Cantata was supposed to be held on Sunday night, but it got postponed due to the snow. So instead we spent a most enjoyable evening listening to Christmas music from ranging from "The Night Santa Went Crazy" and "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" performed by Twisted Sister to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and The Cambridge Singers, etc. We FINALLY had time to get out our Christmas decorations. Now our Christmas tree is beautiful and I even put some lights up. (I cheat and hang them on the insides of the windows. They look just as beautiful from outside, but I don't have to go out in the cold to put them up.) Then my parents came over and hung out with us. It was a very enjoyable, unrushed evening.

Yesterday the kids had the day off from school. I did a lot of farting around on the computer organizing pictures for my end of the year slideshow, and looking for the perfect song. Alas, I have not a single clue this year. Anyway, but I did get my lazy rear up and make pretzels with the kids, courtesy of our pixie who sent us a kit.

Lydia made hers beautifully in the conventional way.

Ross and Mark created abstract shapes for theirs.
(After Clayton ruined one of Ross' by stepping on it, Ross changed it to an "M for MAD!"

Ross kept interfering in Mark's picture

Justice and Clayton had yet more unconventional ways of making their pretzels.

On another completely unrelated note, my husband asked me not too long ago if, when we remodel the bathrooms, I would like to have the laundry moved to the main floor, as it seems a lot of people prefer. I said "ABSOLUTELY NOT!!" I need a LARGE space in which to hide my multitude of sins from the world. Prepare yourselves to be let in on one of my dirty little secrets sssshhhhh!:

Here's a thing I meant to post last week, on one of those RARE days when you can actually see the laundry room floor because I had washed all of the laundry. (Well all of the clothes anyway. There still was a huge stack of blankets and sheets that needed washing piled up on a table just out of range of the camera.
However, here is the laundry that needed to be folded and put away (que the scary, screechy Friday the 13th violin music):
On top of this add two sets of washers and dryers full of clothes. That day was some time last week, so I now have more dirty clothes to wash and less clean clothes to fold (but only because they have been worn straight out of the baskets.) Do I hear Neicey Nash knocking on my door?

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