Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Week in Pictures

To start off with, here's a taste of how our picture project is going. Here is Lydia's most recent picture (taken today, 5-21-09).and here is the first picture that we took (taken only 3 1/2 months ago on 2-4-09). The difference looks more impressive when you can flip from one to the next, but you can compare where her head is on the vine thing or how much closer she is to that 5 ft marker. I think it's pretty cool anyway.
I spent Sunday and Monday flat sick with a fever of 101-102. Yuck! So anyway, we did family night on Tuesday, and we finally got our garden in. Yay!! The kids wanted to eat their dinner out on the trampoline, but I told them "No." flat out. They've done that before, but every time, I find that someone or rather someones left their dishes outside. Ross got down on his knee, bowed his head, and spread his arms out, in a perfect impression of Gollum, and said "We swears, we swears!" It cracked me up, so I let them eat on the trampoline after all.
Here's Justice with his glow worm. I don't know what it is about that thing, but he loves to sleep with it!
And, here's another classic Justice shot (not taken on the day we put in our garden):


lid said...

thats all mud right

Eyepoke said...

Ross be funny!

timpani76 said...

I was reading somewhere that late planted gardens get less bugs? I'm not sure how sound that theory is, or if someone just wanted an excuse for late planting;)

The kids look so cute all helping in the garden! I'm sooooo looking forward to that stage for my kids. Vance helped out some this year with seed planting, but I'm not sure what else he'll be able to do this year.

Ewwww! Why is so much mud inside your house!