Monday, November 28, 2011

Holy Fetch! I'm Totally Losing It!!

Back when I was like 20ish and had no kids, I used to scorn people who had to have planners to remember things. Did I just have no life? I don't know. I just remember thinking that writing things down in planners was just WAY too much structure. Who wants that much structure?

Fast forward about 10ish years to when my oldest kids were in early grade school. That was when I was the perfect "school mom" who always remembered to check every kid's folder every day and made sure they all had exactly what they needed. Who wrote down every single little book that the kg kid read so they could get that "Book It" award or what ever.

Now fast forward to today when I CAN'T BLOODY REMEMBER ANYTHING!!!!
1) I couldn't find Lydia's P.E. uniform that I was supposed to wash this weekend, so I had to give her $0.50 to rent one.

2) I forgot to sign Ross' permission form that was supposed to be turned in today. Never mind that he was getting it out yesterday while I was in the middle of something else, and I told him to put it away. I'd remember to sign it later. WHY THE BLOODY HECK DIDN'T I JUST SIGN IT THEN????

3) I just found Justice's kg rest towel that I was supposed to wash and send back sitting on my kitchen floor. Where did THAT come from?? That's two weeks this months that I forgot that dumb thing.

4) I called Mark's school to ask if I needed to bring Ross' permission slip in or if I could just turn it in tomorrow.


There was something else that I meant to blog about a couple of days ago, but I forgot what it was.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Justice stayed home from school today. He threw up, or I'd be suspicious. He was watching the clock, and kept asking if school was over yet. As soon as I said the kids were on the bus to come home, he said "My stomach feels better now!" But a few minutes later he was complaining about his stomach hurting again. Silly boy. He was so afraid that I was going to change my mind and send him to school after all.