Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Ruin a Family's Trip to McDonald's

As a reward for cleaning the house, I took the kids to McDonald's last night. All was going well until a family consisting of a mother, son and a rather rotund father came and sat down directly behind us. As the poor man was walking by, so close that all I could have touched him by simply leaning back in my chair, Justice (my 4 year old) sings out as if he's calling a punch buggy "Fat guy!"

Well if Justice says it, of course Clayton (the 2 year old) has to parrot it "Fat guy! Fat guy!"

I of course scolded them and told them it was very rude to say things like that. So of course Clayton had to remind me very loudly several times while we were eating "Mommy, we don't say 'fat guy.' It's not nice." I couldn't look that poor man in the face at all.

So about 15 minutes later we finished eating our food and we move our party to the play-land. In my shame, I position myself in a seat in the corner where a wall blocks me from the other family's view. A few minutes later the man's wife and son, who is bigger than Clayton, smaller than Justice, so I'd guess him to be about 3 years old, come in. For some strange reason, (geez I wonder what that could be) the man chose to keep his seat outside of the play-land.

The little boy is having fun running around and playing with Lydia and Clayton, until Clayton decides to hit him in the face. Clayton runs over and exults "I hurt him!" More scolding ensues, followed by apologies. Unfortunately the little boy is crying and the family gets up and leaves, having only played in the play land for about 10 minutes.

Oh I felt ROTTEN! Is it just a natural byproduct of being the youngest of 4 boys to be a bit on the rough side? Last night as Bruce was tucking Clayton in bed, he leaned in for a kiss and Clayton gave it, swiftly followed with a punch in the face. What the heck?!

Well, to whoever you are, I'm REALLY sorry that my boys ruined your trip to McDonald's!

Nothing like that to make you feel like a really successful parent! (heavy sarcasm)


timpani76 said...

Ok, this is only funny when its not your kid doing it! I did have a good laugh.

Vance still likes to say things like, "Look it's BROWN baby!" when we go out to eat and he's 7 years old. How many times do I have to tell you its not nice to say how people look? I say over and over again.

The hitting part might be because he's the youngest brother. My younger nephew hits more, and has since he was little. My younger nephew is also small for his age, so maybe the small boys gotta be meaner?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Beatings given I would assume?


Brad Carter said...

I remember carrying Emily through Quiktrip once when she was 2 or 3 and she points at a man and says, "Oh, he's got a fat belly!" really loud.

Trever and Heather said...

I'm wondering if it's possible to HAVE a good trip to McDonald's. I'm pretty sure those ended for me by age 11...

The drive through is a different story.